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Infinity Ladies’ TwentyFour.7 Hybrid Bike

The Infinity Ladies’ TwentyFour.7 Hybrid Bike is a cross between a road bike and a mountain bike. It has some of the comfort inducing design and features of a road

Wavestorm Paddle Board

The Wavestorm Paddle Board looks like an easy way to get into the sport.  This appears to be a well-thought out kit. In addition, the company has videos on Youtube

Taylor Made Corza Ghost Putter

The Taylor Made Corza Ghost Putter is a thoughtfully-designed golf club.  This might be a good option if you’ve bought a beginner club set without a putter. This putter

Callaway XHot 11-Piece Golf Club Set

The Callaway XHot 11-Piece Golf Club Set is a nice set of clubs from a reputable manufacturer. Note that you have the option to choose Regular or Stiff flex

Artic Cool Cooling Towel

Costco has offered the Perfect Cooling Towels the last two years. This Artic Cool Cooling Towel is a new option available this year. These towels are easy to use

Duracell LED Safety Armband

Be visible when walking, running or biking at night by wearing the Duracell LED Safety Armband. The LED band offers 7 color settings with 2 light modes – blinking/flashing

Natural Fitness Yoga Mat and Sling Strap

Do you need a new yoga mat? The Natural Fitness Yoga Mat and Sling Strap is currently available in the store. The yoga mat is 6 mm thick and

Teeter Hang Ups Inversion Table

The Teeter Hang Ups Inversion Table allows you to hang upside down, taking the load off your back. The manufacturer claims that you can: Relieve back pain Reduce stress Build

Blender Bottle Sport Mixer

It’s not only a water bottle. The Blender Bottle Sport Mixer is the “water bottle that mixes”. It comes with a patented BlenderBall that mixes as you shake so

Bolle Snowboard or Ski Goggle

Pick up a set of the Bolle Snowboard or Ski Goggles before you head to your next ski vacation. Each set includes one goggle with rose tint lens for