Centrex Plastics 27 Gallon Construction Grade Tote – Costco vs Lowe’s

I think this is a fairly new item at Costco.  It caught my eye because I’ve been looking for totes to make self-watering or sub-irrigated containers. This is a 27 Gallon construction grade tote by Centrex Plastics.

It’s Made in the USA! Kudos for that!

Costco is selling them for $8.99.

Turns out Lowe’s also sells this particular storage container (item#44066). Lowe’s is selling them for $13.98, which means it’s 36% cheaper at Costco!!

The dimensions are about 31″ L x 20″ D x 15″H.

What impressed me was that one of the reviewers on Lowe’s website said that the totes have been outside in Tucson’s summer for 3 years! So this must really be quite a tough box. Weather and crack resistant.

So, if you’re looking to purchase a sturdy storage container, look out for this one at Costco. Not only is it tough, it’s also Made in USA. And it’s 36% cheaper at Costco.

While supplies last. Inventory and pricing at your store may vary.

Centrex Plastics 27Gal Tote Costco



It does come with the yellow cover. I just forgot to take a picture of it.

Centrex Plastics 27Gal Tote Costco

Centrex Plastics 27Gal Tote Costco



From Lowe’s website: