Chairs Made in the USA

It’s hard to find stuff made in the USA these days so I was really surprised when I stumbled upon these chairs made in the USA on the Costco online site.

If you’re in the market for chairs, do take a look at these. They are neutral color and should fit in most home decor but most importantly, they are made in the USA!

For $669.99, you can get 2 chairs made in the USA. I believe they are shipped almost fully assembled. All you’ve to do is screw in the legs.¬†Shipping & Handling are included with the listed price.

Here’s the Caroline:




And Chloe:





The Catherine chair is sold individually for $399.99 and the Regan chair is also sold individually for $329.99 each.






Are you more likely to buy these chairs or other products if they’re made in the USA?