Cooked Dungeness Crab – Is it cheaper at Costco?

Dungeness Crab season generally runs from November to February here in the West Coast. Last week at Costco, we saw them for sale at $6.99/lb.

Cooked Dungeness Crab


This past weekend, they were priced at $4.99/lb.

Cooked Dungeness Crab


I guess the prices for these yummy sea creatures are fluctuating weekly. I’ve seen them on sale at Nob Hill for $3.99/lb one week, but then the next it could be $6.99/lb. Normally you can find live ones for cheaper at one of the Asian grocery stores like 99 Ranch.

I looked up weekly ads and found Lucky advertising them for $5.99/lb while Safeway is selling them for $6.99/lb. Of course, that could change next week.





My conclusion for cooked dungeness crab is that it’s not always cheaper at Costco. You may be able to find a better deal elsewhere. If you want to save some money, do not buy them at $6.99/lb but when it’s priced at $4.99/lb, that is not a bad price at all.