Costco November 2016 Coupon Book 10/27/16 to 11/27/16

Costco’s November 2016 Coupon Book has arrived and the rebates are valid starting this Thursday 10/27/16.

There are rebates for many of the big name appliances – Cuisinart, Kitchen Aid, Crock-Pot, FoodSaver, Ninja, Shark, etc. If you’ve been planning to purchase one of those, the rebates will make it more enticing to do so in November.

There are also rebates for the 32 Degrees clothing for men, women and kids so check those out too.

On the food front, there are rebates for Vico, Starbucks, Lindt, Stacy’s pita chips, Nutella, Ritz, and a $2 rebate for the Kirkland Signature Stuffed Bell Peppers which we’ve enjoyed many times.

Finally, there’s a $5 rebate for personalized holiday cards at the Costco Photo Center just in time for the holiday season.

Costco’s November¬†2016 Coupon Book is valid from Thursday 10/27/16¬†to Sunday 11/27/16.

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