Costco Organic Savings for Bay Area, Northern CA & Northern NV Only 09/03/13 to 09/29/13

We were given a little coupon booklet as we exited Costco on Saturday. It contains a list of organic products that will have additional savings in September.

The instant savings are valid from 09/03/13 to 09/29/13.

Unfortunately for those not living here, the instant savings are only available at Bay Area, Northern California and Northern Nevada Costco warehouses.

We’re not sure if they meant just the Bay Area locations in Northern CA or Bay Area AND Northern CA locations?

If it’s the latter, seems like they could have just said Northern CA locations since Bay Area is clearly located in Northern CA.

Anyway, please comment if you live outside the bay area and see these savings in your store. Thanks!

Offer good while supplies last. No rain checks will be available!

There are some great savings available and we’re definitely going to take advantage of some of them. May stock up on the Organic Kettle Corn (we just bought our third bag!) 🙂

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