Costco’s $8.99 Pizza

So we bought Costco’s Take and Bake Pizza for $8.99 on Saturday. Baked and ate it for dinner on Sunday and it was pretty darn good 🙂

Sure, it’s not like the gourmet pizza we had from Pizzarium in Rome (which you must seek out if you’re in Rome!) but it also didn’t cost us $24 for a soggy pizza either, as was the case in a recent take-out from a local pizza place. That was a pricey mistake!

We managed to get the cheese nicely melted and the crust perfectly brown and crispy this time. It was baked for 10 minutes on a pizza stone placed in the middle rack of a convection oven preheated to 475 F.

We do sometimes make our own pizza from scratch starting from the dough but you really can’t beat this for convenience and price. We only ate half of it so we’ve another half left for another meal, which means about $2.25/serving.

Have you tried Costco’s Take and Bake Pizza? What do you like about it? What don’t you like about it? How do you bake yours?


Costco $8.99 pizza

Costco pizza

Costco pizza closeup