Cuisinart 11-Cup Food Processor

We have the old version of the Cuisinart 11-Cup Food Processor, the kind that’s all white. It still works well so we don’t need a new one.

Cuisinart 11 Cup Food Processor Costco

What I really want is the Blade and Disc holder that comes with this new food processor. Our old one did not come with that and I’ve looked for various ways to keep them safe. The blades are sharp and not something you can just throw in the drawer.

I’m glad Cuisinart has realized that and now you get the blade storage with the processor.

Anyway, the Cuisinart Food Processor can pretty much do anything you throw at it – chop, slice, shred, mix, puree, emulsify, etc.

It’s got a wide mouth feed tube so you don’t have to waste too much time precutting to small pieces.

It comes with 2 discs and 2 blades, one of which is a metal dough blade for kneading dough up to 2.5 lbs.

The Cuisinart 11-Cup Food Processor Model CFP-11BCPC is priced at $149.99 but there’s currently a $30 instant rebate.

This lowers the price to $119.99.

The instant rebate is valid till 07/28/13.

Item# is 647770.

Inventory and pricing at your store may/will vary.

Cuisinart 11 Cup Food Processor Costco

Cuisinart 11 Cup Food Processor Costco Cuisinart 11 Cup Food Processor Costco   Cuisinart 11 Cup Food Processor Costco