Designer Rollerball Fragrances

The sign says “Designer Fragrances” but it’s really Juicy Couture rollerball fragrances since that’s the only brand we saw.

Juicy Couture Fragrances Costco 4

There’s the Juicy Couture which according to their website smells like “Couture with a blend of water hyacinth, princess lily, and sweet caramel.”

The other option is Viva La Juicy which “combines delicious wild berries, with creamy vanilla and bright jasmine.”

Both fragrances are available in a 2-pack with each tube containing 0.25 oz.

The Designer Rollerball Fragrances set is priced at $24.99.

Item number 750494.

Inventory and pricing at your store may/will vary.

More fragrances and perfume will appear in the store as we move closer to the holiday season. As always, buy it when you see it coz at Costco, you never know when it’ll disappear!

Juicy Couture Fragrances Costco 2 Juicy Couture Fragrances Costco 1 Juicy Couture Fragrances Costco 3