Discounts Ending Saturday 08/24/13 and Sunday 08/25/13

This is just a reminder that there are various discounts expiring this Saturday 08/24/13 and Sunday 08/25/13.

There are NOT the August Coupon Book discounts. In addition to the coupon book discounts, Costco also offers other unadvertised savings throughout the store.

These are the additional discounts that we’ve spotted and listed below.

There may be others so if you’ve spotted a discount at your store that’s not listed here, please comment with the item name, number, price and discount.

It’ll help alert other Costco shoppers to the item. Let’s help each other save some extra money! Thanks!

Discounts expiring Saturday 08/24/13:

Discounts expiring Sunday 08/25/13:


Also, this week, the following previously published posts were updated to reflect instant rebates or price reductions that we’ve spotted for the item: