Google Home

Google Home is Google’s answer to Amazon’s Echo. It’s a voice-activated smart speaker.

Google Home Costco

If you have an Android phone, you may have used “OK Google” to activate it, then start asking it to do things like “Navigate to Costco” or “Remind me to call home in an hour” or “Set timer”, etc.

It’s a useful feature in a phone and now you can have that feature around the home too.

Once plugged in, you can get answers to questions like “What’s today’s weather forecast?”, “How’s the traffic”, etc.

You can get it to stream videos if you’ve Chromecast, or play music, or control your Nest thermostat.

The set includes 2 Google Home speakers, and 2 AC power adapter.

I do like the “OK Google” feature in the phone but I’m not sure if we need it in the house. What do you think? Do you have Amazon Echo or Google Home?

Google Home is priced at $219.99 for the 2-pack.

This item is in Costco’s 2017 Holiday Savings¬†booklet and there’ll be a $50 rebate from 11/24 to 11/27.

Item number 1187000.

Inventory and pricing at your store will vary and are subject to change at any time.

Google Home CostcoGoogle Home CostcoGoogle Home Costco