Habitats Chicken Coop

First time seeing a chicken or bunny coop at Costco! This weekend, the Habitats Chicken Coop was on display in the store. I think it’s the prettiest chicken coop we’ve ever seen.

Habitat Chicken Bunny Coop Costco 1

In an effort to eat local, you can plant your own vegetables, and have your own chickens so you can get eggs from your own backyard.

I grew up with chickens, ducks, bunnies in the backyard, thanks to my grandma’s mini-farm. She gave us the priceless opportunity to see chicks hatch from eggs, take care of them as they grew, pick eggs from the backyard in the morning, etc. My siblings and I have many fond memories, thanks to my grandma.

Anyway, her chicken coop was nothing as sophisticated as this Habitats Chicken Coop. Some of its features include:

– Complete home for chicken with nesting area, roosting bar and private sleeping area

– Solid wood construction with weather proof asphalt roof

– Removable roof for easy access and maintenance

– Easily movable with large 6″ wheels

The Habitats Chicken Coop is priced at $184.99.

Item number 780964.

Inventory and pricing at your store may/will vary.

Habitat Chicken Bunny Coop Costco 3 Habitat Chicken Bunny Coop Costco 2 Habitat Chicken Bunny Coop Costco 6 Habitat Chicken Bunny Coop Costco 7 Habitat Chicken Bunny Coop Costco 5 Habitat Chicken Bunny Coop Costco 4