Interstate Car Battery

Does your car need a new battery? It’s almost time to replace mine and we decided to check out the batteries at Costco. Instead of Kirkland battery, Costco now carries Interstate Car Battery.

Interstate Car Battery Costco 2

Costco has various battery sizes:

  • 25-640 fitment#6
  • 35-640 fitment#3
  • 65-850 fitment#4
  • 34-800 fitment#9
  • 78-800 fitment#7
  • 51R-500 fitment#11

There may be other sizes available but these were the ones we spotted that day.

Prices range from $72.99 to $92.99.

There’s an additional $15 core fee on all battery sales. This fee is refunded when you return your old battery to Costco.

There’s a 42-month free replacement warranty on the batteries.

Interstate Car Battery Costco 4Interstate Car Battery Costco 3Interstate Car Battery Costco 1