iPoint Evolution Electric Pencil Sharpener

If you just purchased the Ticonderoga Pencils, then you’re going to need to sharpen them. The iPoint Evolution Electric Pencil Sharpener ¬†will make that task a breeze.

iPoint Pencil Sharpener Costco 1

This electric pencil sharpener comes with many features including:

– Titanium Bonded Blades which are durable and stay sharper longer

– Auto Sensor Shut Off which turns off the power automatically when pencil has the perfect point

– Space Saving with smaller base

– EZ View Shavings Reservoir is easy to empty

The iPoint Evolution Electric Pencil Sharpener is normally priced at $18.99.

There’s currently an unadvertised instant rebate of $4 which lowers the price to $14.99.

The instant discount is valid till 08/18/13.

Item number 130631.

Inventory and pricing at your store may/will vary.

iPoint Pencil Sharpener Costco 2 iPoint Pencil Sharpener Costco 3