Jetpack America Gift Card

Do you want to fly 30 feet in the air? Dive like a dolphin? Walk on water? If you’re going to be in Newport Beach, San Diego or Las Vegas, you can do all the above with the Jetpack America gift card!

Jet Pack Gift Card Costco 2

If this is your first time, you have to choose from one of the packages below:

  1. Introductory Flight Experience (15-Min Flight) – $179
  2. Jetlev Flight Experience (25-Min Flight) – $259
  3. Rockstar Flight Experience (40-Min Flight) – $399
  4. James Bond Flight Experience (60-Min Flight) – $699

There are other packages available if you’re a returning “pilot”.

Here are the locations for Jetpack America:

Jetpack America – Newport Beach
2600 Newport Blvd. – Suite 122
Newport Beach, CA 92663

Jetpack America – San Diego
1010 Santa Clara Place
San Diego, CA 92109

Jetpack America – Las Vegas (opening July 2014)
3601 South Hwy 160 Pahrump, NV 99049
Las Vegas, NV 99049

You can purchase a $100 Jetpack America Gift Card for $67.99 at

It’s about a 32% savings.

We’ve not seen these gift cards in the Costco store itself. Have you?

Item number 886325.

Check out the terms and conditions and order the gift card over at

Jetpack America Gift Card

Remember that just like the warehouses, items on Costco’s website are constantly revolving as well.  Everything is always “while supplies last”. If you want something, don’t wait too long to order it as it can disappear at any time.

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