Lalaloopsy Doll – Costco vs Target

While on our reconnaissance trip at Target, we happened to walk by the Toys section and spotted the Lalaloopsy Doll.

They had the Teddy Honey Pots priced at $23.99.

Laloopsy Doll Target

Lalaloopsy Dolls just appeared in Costco a few weeks ago.

There are 6 different dolls available (for now) and one of them is the Teddy Honey Pots.

The dolls are priced at $19.89 each. Item number 999465.

Lalaloopsy Doll Costco 9

Lalaloopsy Doll Costco 1

Lalaloopsy Doll Costco 5

Is Costco cheaper? Yes!

Costco is 17% cheaper than Target for the Lalaloopsy Doll.

Don’t wait too long to get these as you never know when they’ll disappear from the stores.