Macadamia Nut Roca at Costco!

This is something you normally don’t see at mainland Costco. We’ve only seen these Macadamia Nut Roca at the Costco in Maui! Though a friend mentioned that they saw this at the Phoenix area Costco….

Anyway we were really surprised to see them at our local Costco this weekend. I think it has something to do with Chinese New Year or Valentine’s Day…

Whatever it is, you like Roca candy and love macadamia nuts, you should definitely run to Costco and get this while it lasts!

Costco also carries the Regular Almond Roca as well as a 4 small tin gift package with Almond and Cashew Roca. And I don’t think you can beat the price at Costco for Roca!

Macadamia Nut Roca



On the back of the box, there’s a little history on the history of Macadamia Nuts in Hawaii…

Macadamia Roca box


Macadamia Roca



And when you unwrap the Roca, there’s Aloha written on the inside of the wrapper!

Macadamia Roca aloha