Madi Gran Panettone

We had our first Panettone at a bakery in Rome. It was a mini one, freshly baked everyday, and we were hooked after the first bite. We ended up going to the bakery everyday after that. At home, we satisfy our cravings with the Madi Gran Panettone.

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If you’ve never had Panettone, they’re soft and moist Italian cakes. They’re airy and sweet, kinda like Hawaiian bread, and contains raisins and citrus peels.

The Madi Gran Panettone is made using a specially selected 45 year old live 100% sourdough yeast. The whole process of making the Panettone takes 50 hours! It is Made in Italy.

The 35.25 oz Madi Gran Panettone is package in a lovely box ready for gift-giving and is priced at $6.99.

Unit price is 19.8 cents/oz.

Inventory and pricing at your store will vary and are subject to change at any time.

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