Marc Jacobs Fragrance

Check out these really cute Marc Jacobs Fragrance bottles! I was browsing and happened to find them online at

Marc Jacobs Fragrance Costco 2

I don’t know what the fragrances smell like but the bottles are the attraction ūüôā I think they’d make great gifts to friends/family.

There are 5 scents available:

1) Dot, 1.7 oz (the red and black ladybird-inspired bottle) – “rich, vivacious scent bursting with sweet ripe berries and heavenly jasmine, complemented by earthy undertones of driftwood. A feminine, floral sent for the adventurous woman.”

2) Honey, 1.7 oz (the yellow and white honeybee-inspired¬†bottle) – “sweet, vivacious scent featuring lush mandarin, fresh pear and exotic orange blossom, enhanced by succulent undertones of peach nectar and honey. An energetic, floral scent for the modern woman. ”

3)¬†Daisy Eau So Fresh, 2.5 oz (bottle with¬†white and pale pink flowers) – “lively scent infused with the delicious sweetness of ripe raspberries, crisp grapefruit, violets and blooming apple blossom. Complemented with soft undertones of sweet plum and cedar wood.”

4)¬† Daisy Eau So Fresh Delight, 2.5 oz (bottle with bright, multicolor flowers) – “feminine scent filled with the lush sweetness of ripe raspberries, exotic blood orange, and spring violets. Features warm undertones of sweet apricot and amber. ”

5) Daisy, 3.4 oz (bottle with white flowers) – ” feminine and charming scent filled with the delicious sweetness of ripe strawberries, heavenly gardenia, and spring violets. Features warm undertones of vanilla and birchwood. ”

Each bottle is priced at $49.99.

You can purchase the Marc Jacobs Fragrance online at

Marc Jacobs Fragrance

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