Meiji Chocorooms

I first discovered Meiji Chocorooms at Daiso, a Japanese chain store where almost everything in the store is $1.50.

Meiji Chocorooms Costco 3

I bought a pouch on a whim and I really loved it! The “mushroom cap” is a combination of milk and dark chocolate while the “stem” is actually a crispy cracker.

Since then, I’d pick up a bag or 2 every time I dropped by Daiso.

Looks like I won’t have to make a separate trip to Daiso anymore for my Chocorooms cravings as they’re now available at Costco! 🙂

They’re available in a box with 12 pouches, each with 1.34 oz.

Product of Japan.

The Meiji Chocorooms are priced at $9.69.

Unit price is 60.3 cents/oz or 80.75 cents/pouch.

Item number 824983.

Inventory and pricing at your store will vary and are subject to change at any time.

Meiji Chocorooms Costco 2Meiji Chocorooms Costco 1