Nutella and Go – Costco vs Target

We were recently in Target and spotted the Nutella and Go so it’s a perfect time for a Costco vs Target post.

The Nutella and Go is priced at $1.47 for a 1.8 oz container at Target.

Nutella and Go Target

At Costco, it’s available in a 12 pack and each pack is 1.8 oz as well. The 12-pack box is priced at $11.99.

Unit price is 99.9 cents each.

Nutella and Go Pack Costco 1Nutella and Go Pack Costco 4

So, is Costco cheaper?

Yes, it is!

Costco is 32% cheaper for Nutella and Go. 

So get it at Costco if you can. A 12-pack of this can be devoured really quickly anyway 😉