Organic Valley 2% Milk – Costco vs Safeway

So the other day, we wrote about how Costco carries Organic Valley 2% Milk. They are available in a 2-pack of 1 gallon bottles each and costs $10.99.

Organic Valley Milk Costco

Organic Valley Milk Costco


Since this is an item most families buy every week, we decided to see how much the Organic Valley 2% Milk costs at Safeway.

Well, it costs $4.39 for 1/2 gallon.

Organic Valley Milk Safeway

Let’s do the math….

Costco: $10.99 for 2 gallons or $2.75 for 1/2 gallon

Safeway: $4.39 for 1/2 gallon

Is Costco Cheaper? YES! 

Organic Valley 2% Milk is about 37% cheaper at Costco.

This is a big savings and especially great for large families!