Prescription Savings at Costco

I was browsing through the January 2013 of the Costco connection magazine and an article on prescription costs caught my eye. It’s common knowledge that generic is cheaper than brand name, but are the differences really that great?! Not only can you save a lot by choosing generic over brand name but you could also save anywhere from 40% and above at Costco versus a Regular pharmacy!

Check out the table below…

Costco Brand Name vs. Generic prescription costs

Costco Brand Name vs. Generic prescription costs


I do not have first hand knowledge on the drugs listed above but previous experiences with Costco pharmacy have been good. They are good about giving their members the best price. One time, I learned that the cash price is actually cheaper than the insurance co-payment price!


Moral of the story is:

1) Ask your doctor to prescribe a generic drug whenever possible

2) Ask for 90 day instead of 30 day prescription whenever possible

3) Call several pharmacies and see how much your prescription will cost. A few minutes on the phone could save you a lot of money!