Pureguardian Humidifier H4500

We’ve suffered a few colds this winter season and the congestion was so bad that we’ve been considering getting a humidifier. Once again, we didn’t realize that Costco carries humidifier. Well, it turns out they do! One at least, the Pureguardian Humidifier H4500.






It costs more than what we’d like to spend on our first humidifier…but Costco does have a great return policy so if it doesn’t work well or even worse breaks, we can always return it.




As always, I checked to see the Amazon price when I got home. It turns out that Amazon’s price is even higher $110.99 + $3.99 shipping = $114.98

Compare that to Costco’s price of $89.99, the Pureguarding Humidifier Model H4500 ┬áis about 28% cheaper at Costco.

So, if you’re thinking about getting a humidifier, Costco definitely has a good price for one.

If you already have this one, we’d love to hear how you like your humidifier!