Pyrex Glass Bowl Set

UPDATE 08/10/14: Spotted the same 8-Piece Pyrex Glass Bowl Set back in the store and priced at $13.99. Different color lids this time. Item number 735870.

Pyrex 8-Piece Mixing Bowl Set Costco 2Pyrex 8-Piece Mixing Bowl Set Costco 4Pyrex 8-Piece Mixing Bowl Set Costco 3Pyrex 8-Piece Mixing Bowl Set Costco 1

UPDATE 11/03/13: There’s a $5 instant rebate available for the Pyrex Glass Bowl Set in the November Coupon Book. Price is $9.99 till 11/20/13.

Pyrex 8-Piece Glass Bowl Set Costco

PUBLISHED 08/29/13: An 8-piece Pyrex Glass Bowl Set is now available in the store.

Pyrex Glass Bowl Set Costco 2

The 8 pieces consist of one bowl each of the following sizes plus its lid:

– 3-cup bowl 5.3″ diameter x 3″H

– 6-cup bowl 6.8″ diameter x 3.4″H

– 10-cup bowl 8.3″  diameter x 3.7″ H

– 4.5-qt bowl 10.6″ diameter x 4.2″H

We love Pyrex Bowls and have 3 of the 6-cup and 1 of the 4.5 qt bowl as well as many other Pyrex containers. The smaller ones are generally used for storing leftovers while the large one is used for storing cut-up watermelon or used for mixing baking batter.

I think you’ll find many uses for these bowls. The best part is that glass will not absorb stain or odors.

So even if you’re storing Thai or Vietnamese food with fish sauce in it, once you’ve washed the bowl, the odor will be gone. You can safely store something else in it without “odor cross-contamination”.

The second best thing about Pyrex is that they’re Made in USA!

The bowls are microwave safe, top rack dishwasher safe and BPA free.

The 8-Piece Pyrex Glass Bowl Set is priced at $14.99.

Item number 735870.

Inventory and pricing at your store may/will vary.

Pyrex Glass Bowl Set Costco 1Pyrex Glass Bowl Set Costco 4Pyrex Glass Bowl Set Costco 5