Quaker Oats – Costco vs Target

Quaker Oats are very reasonably priced at Costco so the question is – how much cheaper is it at Costco vs Target?

We spotted Quaker Oats at Target priced at $3.99 for 42 oz.

Unit price is 9.5 cents/oz.

Quaker Oats Target

At Costco, Quaker Oats is priced at $7.49 for a 10-lb box.

Unit priced is 4.9 cents/oz.

Quaker Old-Fashioned Oatmeal Costco 2

Is Costco cheaper? Yes!

Costco is 48% cheaper than Target for Quaker Oats.

This is one of the cheapest and healthiest food you can have for breakfast.