Scosche Magic Mount

Get a mounting system for your smartphone or tablet with the Scosche Magic Mount set.


It works with any smartphone and tablet.

First you attach a MagicPlate which is really a magnet to the back of your device. It can be installed to the back of your device or on the phone case.

You then secure the MagicMount to any smooth, flat surface.

Your device will now easily attach to the MagicMount via the magnets.

There was a note on the packaging stating that the magnets are “high powered neodymium magnets and are 100% safe for smartphones and will not interfere with your service”.

The set includes 2 magnetic mounts, 1 small MagicPlate, 1 large MagicPlate and 1 Revolt dual USB charger with Glow Ports.

The Scosche Magic Mount is priced at $38.99.

Item number 1047893.

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