Seiko Solar Diver Watch

The Seiko Solar Diver Watch is a solar-powered watch, which is great for a diver’s watch.  You get the accuracy of a quartz watch, but don’t need to change a battery.

Seiko Solar Diver Costco

Changing batteries on a quartz watch can allow water in past the seals, which is why many divers prefer automatic mechanical watches.  But those are typically expensive and not as accurate as quartz.

The solar-powered quartz gets around these issues nicely.

The watch is water-resistant to 200m.

There is a count-down timer on the rotating bezel, which is hefty enough to be operated underwater, even when wearing gloves.

Useful for setting a visual reminder on your oxygen supply if you’re scuba diving, or on your sun exposure time if snorkeling.

There is a stopwatch feature as well.  The crowns (knobs) are screw-down type, adding more water resistance.

A date function is included.  The window is a bit small, but you probably won’t be check the date underwater.

The Seiko Solar Diver Watch is priced at $179.99.

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Seiko Solar Diver Costco

Seiko Solar Diver Costco