Sonicare Healthy White Platinum Edition

My dentist recently suggested switching from Oral-B to Sonicare due to sensitivity in my teeth. His reasoning was that the Oral-B is harsher due to the rotating heads. Sonicare vibrates so it’s better for sensitive teeth.

When we first decided to get the electric toothbrush several years ago, we just went with Oral-B, I guess in part because our manual toothbrushes were Oral-B. We’re already on our second set. These things don’t last that long. The batteries do wear out and don’t hold the charge as time goes on.

But your teeth definitely feels cleaner when using them versus the manual toothbrushes. So I guess they’re worth it despite the high costs.

Anyway, Costco has a $30 instant rebate for the Sonicare in May bringing the price down from $149.99 to $119.99. The rebate is valid from May 09 to  June 02, 2013. While supplies last. Inventory and pricing at your store may vary.

This particular package, Sonicare model #HX6733/90 comes with:

  • 2 Sonicare Handles with 3 modes
  • 2 DiamondClean brush heads
  • 1 UV Sanitizer with integrated charger
  • 1 Compact travel charger
  • 2 travel cases

We’re considering getting this model or may wait a few more months. Costco does seem to have a rebate for either the Oral-B or Sonicare every month.

Do you use Sonicare or Oral-B? Which do you prefer?

Sonicare HX6733/90 Costco

Sonicare HX6733/90 Costco

Sonicare HX6733/90 Costco