Superbowl Frenzy!

Superbowl 2013 is tomorrow and you can definitely pick up your superbowl party essentials at Costco!

All kinds of chips including Doritos….

chips at Costco

Chips at Costco



Corona 24 12-oz bottles for $22.99 and Heineken beer 24 12-oz bottles for $21.99….

Corona Beer at Costco

Heineken beer at Costco


If you’re a 49er fan, there’s a men’s sweatshirt for $39.99

superbowl sweatshirt


superbowl sweatshirt



You can even purchase the Superbowl program….

superbowl program

superbowl program


and a bit too late now, but you could have purchased Superbowl tickets from travel…

superbowl tickets at Costco