Tag Heuer Monaco Black

This  Tag Heuer Monaco Black Watch is somewhat similar to the Tag Heuer Monaco that we recently posted on.

Tag Heuer Monaco Black Costco 2

However, some differences exist:

1) The dial is a more muted black, unlike the previous one which has blue and white racing stripes and red accents.  Some may prefer this more subtle look.

2) The movement is a Calibre 12, instead of Calibre 11.  The Calibre 12 supposedly has some improvements over the 11.  In both cases, an automatic chronograph, no battery needed.

3) The crowns are all on the left side of the case, instead of 2 right and 1 left.  Some people may find this more convenient.

4) This one is $1,200 less.

The Tag Heuer Monaco Black Watch is priced at $4,299.99.

Item number 632094.

Model name, number and features have not been verified nor confirmed.

Please research and confirm the model# and features if they are important to you.

Inventory and pricing at your store may/will vary.

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