Christmas Archive

Rudolph 50th Anniversary Collector’s Edition Set

For those that love the classic movie Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer, you can now purchase the Rudolph 50th Anniversary Collector’s Edition Set at Costco. The set includes the DVD

29-Inch LED Black Bear

Want a cute 29-Inch LED Black Bear as part of your holiday display? No assembly is needed so all you have to do is unpack and plug it into

76-Inch Lighted Nutcracker

If the 49-Inch Nutcracker was not tall enough for you, how about a 76-Inch Lighted Nutcracker? It comes with 25 pre-attached LED lights. So even though it’s taller, it

49-Inch LED Nutcracker

Do you want a tall and colorful holiday display for your yard? How about this 49-Inch LED Nutcracker? It comes with 175 pre-attached LED lights. Assembly is required but

Burgoyne Handmade Christmas Cards

The Burgoyne Handmade Christmas Cards are back again at Costco. There are 30 handmade Christmas Cards in the box, each of a different design. I think last year’s box

Swarovski Crystal 2014 Annual Christmas Ornament

The Swarovski Crystal 2014 Annual Christmas Ornament is now available at Costco. This year’s design is a snowflake. Last year’s was a star. The ornament comes in a blue triangle

60-Inch Decorated Wreath

You’ll need to clear some space to hang this very large 60-Inch Decorated Wreath in your home. It’s prelit with 280 attached LED lights. The wreath is decorated with beautiful red

Set of 5 LED Light Bulbs

This Set of 5 LED Light Bulbs features decorative lights in the shape of colored holiday bulbs.   The main bulb colors are green, orange, blue, purple, red. These are each

32-Inch Wooden Nutcracker

This year’s Wooden Nutcracker is 32″ tall and 10″ taller than last year’s model. There are a few designs available, including a Drummer and a Santa. The Drummer Nutcracker was

Fiber Optic Rotating Tree

Last year, Costco offered a Lighted Snowman with Rotating Train and Music. This year, it’s a Fiber Optic Rotating Tree with music. This item features 4-way rotation with each