Thanksgiving Archive

Fra’mani Diestel Whole Brined And Seasoned Turkey

Whole turkeys have arrived at Costco! There are at least 3 options available. One of them is this Fra’mani Diestel Whole Brined and Seasoned Turkey. Diestel turkeys are range-grown

Marcy’s Traditional Stuffing Mix

Marcy’s Traditional Stuffing Mix is a gourmet stuffing for your Thanksgiving turkey. It comes with preparation instructions, and also with turkey cooking instructions. Made with Calabrese bread, and lots

Urban Accents Gourmet Gobbler Turkey Brining Kit

Brining is the key to juicy and moist turkey meat. It’s easy to make your own brining solution but you can also purchase a kit like this Urban Accents

Fra’mani Turkey Gravy

UPDATE 11/14/14: Fra’mani Turkey Gravy is back in the store. Price is still $9.99 for a 2-pack of 26 oz each (52 oz total). Item number 469077.   PUBLISHED 11/12/13:

Fra’mani Holiday Dressing

UPDATE 11/02/14: Spotted the Fra’mani Holiday Dressing back in the store. It is still priced at $8.99 for 31 oz. Item number 597865.   PUBLISHED 11/12/13: We didn’t see any

Pumpkin Pie

UPDATE 11/19/14: Pumpkin pies are still $5.99! PUBLISHED 10/23/13: Costco’s famous Pumpkin Pie is now back in the store! The pumpkin pie has a flaky pie crust with pumpkin

Oster Self-Basting Roaster Oven

Do you need a second oven during the holidays? This Oster Self-Basting Roaster Oven can hold up to a 24-lb turkey so you can cook your Thanksgiving turkey in

Butterball Indoor Electric Turkey Fryer

Thinking of frying a turkey for Thanksgiving? Enter the Butterball Indoor Electric Turkey Fryer. It can be used to fry, steam and boil your favorite foods. Features: – Fry