Wave Tumbler 8-Piece Drinkware Set

UPDATE 07/17/13: Price for the Wave Tumbler Set has been reduced to $9.97. 

Like the Stackable Acrylic Tumblers, the Wave Tumbler 8-Piece Drinkware Set is also made from acrylic. This is supposed to provide glass-like clarity and greater durability.

Wave Tumbler Drinkware Set Costco

There wasn’t much info on the box except that the set includes 8 pieces of 24 oz tumblers in assorted colors. The box showed 4 colors so we’ve to assume there’s 2 of each color.

It’s also not clear if these are stackable or not. There was only one on display so we really couldn’t tell.

They are BPA free.

The 8-piece Wave Tumbler Drinkware Set is priced at $14.99.

Item number is 667986.

Inventory and pricing at your store may/will vary.

Wave Tumbler Drinkware Set Costco

Wave Tumbler Drinkware Set Costco    Wave Tumbler Drinkware Set Costco