What’s different in these photos?

While making our usual round at Costco this past weekend, I suddenly noticed something. Take a look at the photos below. What’s different about them?
Organic Chia Seeds and Quinoa at Costco

Organic Sprouted Pumpkin Seeds at Costco

Organic ketchup at Costco

Organic Flax Seed at Costco

Organic Crackers at Costco

If you said the green price cards, you’re right! I was wondering why those price cards are in green so I started taking photos of them.

That’s when I realized “Oh! It’s because they’re organic!”

I actually think Costco has had these green-for-organic price cards for a while now but it was not till last weekend that I noticed so many of them. I guess Costco is carrying more and more organic food. The best part is that they’re still reasonably priced.┬áThe strange thing is that they don’t use the green price cards in their fruits and vegetables sections.

While we don’t eat organic only, we do try to eat healthy and organic when we can. Our list of organic purchases from Costco include spinach, lettuce mix, apples, blueberries, ketchup, flax seed, raisins, etc.

What kinds of organic food do you get from Costco?