When did steaks get so expensive?

We don’t eat red meat often but do like a good steak once in a while…who doesn’t, right? That plus Valentine’s Day is coming up and it’s on a weekday so we’re thinking of just having a quiet dinner at home.

Anyway, I moseyed my way to the meat department this weekend and was really surprised to see the prices on these steaks.

I mean, granted they were USDA Prime, but the Ribeye Steaks were $14.99/lb! I didn’t think they were this expensive last year, hmmm….

USDA Prime Ribeye Steak



And the USDA Prime New York steak was $16.99/lb!

USDA Prime New York Steak


I ended up not buying any but as I thought about it later, even at those prices, it would still be cheaper than dining out on Valentine’s Day, right?