Winplus Car Jump Start Set

UPDATE 04/21/17: Our car wouldn’t start and we finally got to put the Winplus battery to the test. Used it to jump start and it worked! It took a few tries but it worked.

We took a short video and posted it to Instagram so you can view it there:

Also, we had a prolonged power failure during one of the winter storms. We have a portable charger for the smartphone and even that ran out. We then used the Winplus battery to charge our phones so it came in handy then too! All in all, I think this was a good purchase. We keep it in the car for emergencies.

First published 10/16/16: We purchased the Winplus Car Jump Start Set earlier this year as we figured it’s a useful tool to have in the car.


It looks slightly different now but its main purpose is still the same – to jump start 12 V vehicles.

But it can also function as a portable charger for your mobile devices and as an LED flashlight.

So if you’re going on a roadtrip, it may be useful to carry this with you.

We included pictures of our purchase in a previous post so check it out if interested.

The set includes:

– jump start power bank

– jumper cables with safe and smart protection

– USB charger and USB cable

– storage case

The Winplus Car Jump Start Set is priced at $59.99.

Item number 1750766.

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