Yamaha 7.2 Channel Receiver

The Yamaha 7.2 Channel Receiver is a state-of-the-art receiver designed for home theater systems.

Yamaha TSR06750 Audio Receiver Costco 3

The manufacturer’s Model Number is TSR-6750WA.

Features include:

  • 7.2 channel surround sound
  • Independent Zone 2 operation – Speakers in Zone 1 can be playing one source (e.g. movie), while speakers in zone 2 are playing another source (e.g. music).  Or you can set both zones to the same source.
  • Yamaha AV Controller App – provides network control
  • Auto calibration
  • Graphical User Interface – for easy setup
  • USB input for iPad compatibility
  • Six (6) HDMI inputs – includes one front HDMI for device such as Chromecast
  • One (1) HDMI output – connect to your High Def TV
  • Alternate co-axial, component, and optical inputs

The Yamaha 7.2 Channel Receiver is priced at $489.99.

Item number 776750.

Inventory and pricing at your store will vary and are subject to change at any time.

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