24 Hour Fitness Super Sport Membership

UPDATE 10/15/13: The price increase is now effective in the stores as well. Price for the 2-year 24 Hour Fitness Super Sport Membership is now $649.99. Or ~ $27.08/month. Please read the fine print prior to purchasing.

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UPDATE 09/11/13: Price for the 2-year Super Sport Membership has increased to $649.99 online at Costco.com. We saw it in the store at the old price of $599.99 just this past Saturday so you can still get it in the store for $50 less. But a price increase is on its way. We’ll update this post if/when we see changes in the store.

In a previous post, I talked about the 24 hour fitness All Club Sport membership. Currently, Costco sells that 2 year membership for $349.99.

I purchased it in 2012 and have been going for a year already. My previous gym was charging $39/month so this membership has saved me lots of money!

Anyway, one of the main complaints people have regarding the Club Sport membership is that you can’t access the newer Super Sport locations. This was not an issue for me but for some people, this was a deal breaker.

Well, Costco has come out with a solution! They now offer a 2-year 24 Hour Fitness Super Sport membership for $599.99! 

You can purchase it in the store or online at Costco.com.

24 hour fitness membership Costco


This allows you access to all 24 Hour Fitness locations including the Super Sports but not the Ultra Sport locations (I’m not sure what those are).

Membership certificates cannot be redeemed in Hawaii, Maryland, New Jersey, New York, or Tennessee or at Ultra-Sport locations. 

You can purchase and even activate the certificate online at  24hourfitness.com/costco

It’s more expensive than the regular Club Sport membership ($349.99) but if you want access to the newer clubs and wider range of classes and amenities, then this membership for $599.99 is still a great deal. It comes out to only about $25/month!

And if the nearest 24 Hour Fitness to your house or office is a Super Sport, by all means get this membership! You’re more likely to go if it’s closer to your house or office!

While supplies last. Inventory and pricing at your store may vary.

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