24 Hour Fitness membership

UPDATE 09/18/13: Price is now $369.99 at the store. This is for a 2-year membership so it comes out to be about $15.42/month. Please read the fine print prior to purchasing.

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UPDATE 09/07/13: Price for the 2 year membership has increased by $20 to $369.99 online at Costco.com. We saw it  Saturday 09/07/13 in the store for $349.99, but the price increase is probably on its way.

UPDATE 05/14/13: Costco now has a 2-year 24 Hour Fitness Super Sport membership. Check out our newer post for more info.

It’s that time of year….when many of us resolve to get healthy! And for most, that means joining a gym!

I purchased this 24 Hour Fitness  membership at Costco last year. It was $329.99 last year and the year before that, it was $299.99. This year (2013), it’s priced at $349.99 but it’s still a great deal. You can purchase this deal at a local Costco or  online at Costco.com

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Costco 24 hour fitness pass

I was going to a local community center and it was initially $29/month and then they raised it to $39/month.

With the membership via Costco, it was only $13.75/month! For me, this meant a savings of $25.25/month, or $303/year or $606 for the 2 years!!

I was hesitant about joining 24 hour fitness but after doing the math, I just could not NOT do it…Plus there is a 24 hour fitness nearby.

So I bought the pass and went to the 24 hour fitness branch to activate it. The manager was really cool about it. She processed the info and within 5-10 minutes, I was an official member. No fuss, no upsell, I was relieved.

Obviously, this deal may not work for everyone. One of the most important thing to keep in mind is that this deal is NOT valid at their Super Sport locations. Super Sports are the newer and fancier 24 hour fitness branches. They have more facilities and classes at those locations, I think.

Also, the deal is paid upfront for 2 years so you won’t be able to get a refund if you decide to stop going or even if you’re physically unable to go.

I think those are the 2 main things to keep in mind. Other than that, for a lot of us, this is really a great deal.

Now is always a good time to get healthy!

Are you a member of 24 hour fitness? Did you take advantage of this Costco deal?

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