Callaway Hex Control Golf Balls – Costco vs Amazon

Costco is currently carrying the Callaway Hex Control golf balls at its stores. A box of 2 dozen golf balls costs$29.99.   The marketing points for these golf balls

Rental car reservations via

So, all these years and we’ve actually never used Costco’s travel services until last year.     We were going to Europe for 2 weeks and for trips longer

Vizio 5.1 Soundbar with Wireless Subwoofer Model#S4251W-B4

It’s here! Complete 5.1 surround sound with a soundbar! Previously, we’ve seen soundbars at Costco and elsewhere but they were only 2.1 systems. This VIZIO S4251w 5.1 Sound Bar changes

24 Hour Fitness Super Sport Membership

UPDATE 10/15/13: The price increase is now effective in the stores as well. Price for the 2-year 24 Hour Fitness Super Sport Membership is now $649.99. Or ~ $27.08/month. Please read the

Chairs Made in the USA

It’s hard to find stuff made in the USA these days so I was really surprised when I stumbled upon these chairs made in the USA on the Costco