Organic Quinoa – Costco vs Trader Joe’s

We finally made it to Trader Joe’s to check their prices for organic quinoa.

Trader Joe’s does not carry  Truroots Organic Quinoa but instead, they’ve their own Trader Joe’s Organic White and Red Quinoa.

The organic white quinoa is a Product of Peru while the organic red quinoa is a Product of Bolivia.

They’re both priced at $4.99 for a 16 oz bag.

Unit price is $4.99/lb.

Organic Quinoa Trader Joes 1Organic Quinoa Trader Joes 2Organic Quinoa Trader Joes 3

The Truroots Organic Quinoa at Costco is priced at $18.99 for a 4 lb bag.

Unit price is $4.75/lb.

 It is a Product of Bolivia.

Truroots Organic Quinoa CostcoTruroots Organic Quinoa Costco

So, is organic quinoa cheaper at Costco? Yes, it is.

Costco is 5% cheaper than Trader Joe’s for organic quinoa.

As of right now, Costco is cheaper than Whole Foods and Trader Joe’s for organic quinoa here in the SF Bay Area. Have you found cheaper organic quinoa at another store in your area?