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Superbowl Frenzy!

Superbowl 2013 is tomorrow and you can definitely pick up your superbowl party essentials at Costco! All kinds of chips including Doritos….     Corona 24 12-oz bottles for

Is Chobani Greek Yogurt cheaper at Costco?

We normally get the Yoplait Light at Costco but this month’s coupon book offered a $4.20 (yes, that’s $4.20, not $4.00 or $4.50 but exactly $4.20…strange, right?) discount on

Cooked Dungeness Crab – Is it cheaper at Costco?

Dungeness Crab season generally runs from November to February here in the West Coast. Last week at Costco, we saw them for sale at $6.99/lb.   This past weekend,

Costco’s $8.99 Pizza

So we bought Costco’s Take and Bake Pizza for $8.99 on Saturday. Baked and ate it for dinner on Sunday and it was pretty darn good 🙂 Sure, it’s

Is cereal cheaper at Costco?

Specifically, was the Multi-grain Cherrios we just bought on Saturday really cheaper at Costco? I must admit that I haven’t done the math before but today I happened to