Color Me Calm

I’m taking on a new hobby with the Color Me Calm coloring book!


We always have room for more zen in our lives, right?

There are actually 4 books in the series:

  • Color Me Calm
  • Color Me Happy
  • Color Me Stress-Free
  • Color Me Fearless

I did love to color as a kid but I haven’t tried it in a very long time. So, it was fun to pick up the colored pencils and color away.

I guess it helps your mind to focus on something else, thus creating some calm for the moment. I’m really enjoying it! ­čÖé

I purchased the UBrands colored pencils when I purchased the book and love those too. 48 colored pencils seemed like a lot initially but I’m now wishing there are more colors!

The Color Me Calm coloring book is priced at $9.99.

Item number 741734.

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