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Pyrex Decorated Glass Storage Container Set

The Pyrex Decorated Glass Storage Container Set includes 4 containers with stripe or dot designs. Each container has a capacity of 3.7 cups and there are 4 covers included

Bibigo Mini Wontons

Picked up a bag of the Bibigo Mini Wontons on Saturday as it’s one of the items in Costco’s Holiday Savings booklet. We love the Bibigo potstickers and I

Luminarc Stemware Set

Consider the Luminarc Stemware Set if you need more glasses for your holiday parties. The set consists of 12 multi-purpose stemware that have been tempered for up to 3

Orlando Pita Marula Oil Leave-In Conditioning Spray

Move over, Argan Oil…there’s a new kid in town to solve your dry hair problems. The Orlando Pita Leave-In Conditioning Spray uses Marula Oil to help hydrate and repair dry

Nordic Ware Aluminum Baking Sheet

Tired of baking sheets that warp? The Nordic Ware Aluminum Baking Sheets have a reinforced, encapsulated rim that prevents warping. They’re made of pure aluminum which provides superior heat conductivitiy and ensures

Nordic Ware Cast Aluminum Bundt Pan

Bake your Bundt recipes with the Nordic Ware Cast Aluminum Bundt Pan. It’s made of cast aluminum that heats evenly and has a 14.5 cup capacity (for 10 to 12

EOS Lip Balm Variety Pack

The new EOS Lip Balm Variety Pack at Costco includes 6 of their unique spheres, 3 are organic and 3 are non-organic. The three EOS organic lip balm spheres are

Kirkland Signature Organic Hummus

The Kirkland Signature Organic Hummus is available in single serve cups which is great for small households like ours. We cannot finish a big tub quickly enough so these

ZipFizz Combo Pack

ZipFizz is an energy drink mix in powder form so it’s an alternative to Red Bull and 5-hour Energy. The powder mix is contained in a tube and you

Kirkland Signature Plastic Food Wrap

We’re almost out of plastic food wrap so we checked out what Costco has to offer. One of the options available is the Kirkland Signature Plastic Food Wrap. It’s