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WeatherTech Heavy-Duty Car Mats

We’ve seen the WeatherTech commercials many times on TV and now, we’ve spotted the WeatherTech Heavy-Duty Car Mats at Costco. The set includes four pieces, with 2 for the

Igloo Maxcold 110 Qt Rolling Cooler

The Igloo Maxcold 110 Qt Rolling Cooler has rugged wheels and a telescoping handle which makes it easier to pull and transport any heavy load. It has a fish-measuring ruler

Igloo Maxcold 62 Qt Rolling Cooler

Keep your camping or picnic items cool in the Igloo Maxcold 62 Qt Rolling Cooler. I think this is the smallest of the Igloo coolers offered at Costco. It’s

Starbucks Cookie Straws

Starbucks Cookie Straws are wafers lined with chocolate. Enough said, right? Each straw is a toasted rolled wafer lined with a layer or rich, dark chocolate. Best to not

Keter Copenhagen Waste Bin

The Keter Copenhagen Waste Bin has a “wood” look and can be used indoors and outdoors. It features an innovative bag system that supposedly securely holds and hides the

Luminarc Stemless Glass Set

Check out the Luminarc Stemless Glass Set if you need an inexpensive set. The set includes 12 glasses with a 16.45 oz capacity. Best of all, they’re Made in

Pyrex Decorated Glass Storage Container Set

The Pyrex Decorated Glass Storage Container Set includes 4 containers with stripe or dot designs. Each container has a capacity of 3.7 cups and there are 4 covers included

Bibigo Mini Wontons

Picked up a bag of the Bibigo Mini Wontons on Saturday as it’s one of the items in Costco’s Holiday Savings booklet. We love the Bibigo potstickers and I

Luminarc Stemware Set

Consider the Luminarc Stemware Set if you need more glasses for your holiday parties. The set consists of 12 multi-purpose stemware that have been tempered for up to 3

Orlando Pita Marula Oil Leave-In Conditioning Spray

Move over, Argan Oil…there’s a new kid in town to solve your dry hair problems. The Orlando Pita Leave-In Conditioning Spray uses Marula Oil to help hydrate and repair dry