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Sunforce 80 LED Solar Motion Light

The Sunforce LED Solar Motion Light is a convenient way to get a bright, external security light, without hardwiring to your house electrical system. We purchased and reviewed the

Logitech Wireless Solar Keyboard and Mouse mk750

UPDATE 08/17/14: Spotted a $20 rebate for the Logitech Wireless Solar Keyboard and Mouse mk750. Price is $59.99 till 08/31/14. UPDATE 08/30/13: The $20 discount for the Logitech Anywhere MX Wireless

Paradise Solar LED Pathway Lights

The instant rebate for the Paradise Solar LED Pathway Lights is back…for a short time only though. There was a rebate for these solar lights way back in May/June

HGTV Solar Pathway Lights – Discount ends 09/01/13

We’ve covered this a few times now, here and here, but since it’s a popular item and there’s an unadvertised discount, we’ll write about it again! This is an 8-piece Solar

Sunforce 60 LED Solar Motion Light

We bought one of these Sunforce LED Solar Motion Light about 2 months ago. After we installed it and it worked, we went back to Costco to get another

Seiko Solar Chronograph Compass Watch

Here’s another gorgeous Seiko Solar Chronograph watch at Costco, this time with brown or tan leather strap. It would make a great gift, whether for Father’s Day, birthday, etc.

Solar Ceramic Lanterns

If you’re looking for solar lanterns, Costco has these nice ceramic solar lanterns in brown and green color. They come in a 2 pack for $29.99. While supplies last.

Rebate still available for Solar Pathway Lights

I had previously written about these garden solar pathway lights and there was a $10 rebate available for the HGTV solar pathway lights in Costco’s April coupon book. Though

Seiko Solar Black Chronograph watch

This Seiko watch caught my eye this past weekend at Costco. Isn’t it a beauty? It is priced at $219.99. Costco has great deals on watches and the inventory

Solar Pathway Lights

Costco is carrying 2 types of solar pathway lights at our local store. Both come in a set of 8. One is by Paradise and priced at $29.99 while