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Halloween 10/31/13

Halloween is next Thursday 10/31/13! If you shop at Costco every weekend, then this is THE weekend to pick up some Halloween candy for the kids. We’ve posted some

M&M Mars Mixed Singles Variety Pack

It’s candy season and a good time to buy the M&M Mars Mixed Singles Variety Pack at a discounted price. This pack consists of: - 8 Snickers Bars -

M&M Mars Chocolate Variety Pack

Now’s a great time to stock up on some M&M Mars Chocolate. You can get the full size pack with 30 pieces: - 8 Snickers Bars - 7 Twix

Cemoi Halloween Chocolate

Spotted these Cemoi Halloween Chocolate at Costco recently. Cemoi is a brand from France and their chocolate is probably a bit too pricey to be giving out to kids

Babyboo Halloween Costumes

New Cute Costumes Alert! We thought the Carters Baby Halloween Costumes were cute but here comes the Babyboo Halloween Costumes! The costumes include a designed hood, jumpsuit and skid-resistant

Teetot Princess Factory Girls’ Themed Costumes

In addition to the Disney Princess Costumes, there are also the Teetot Princess Factory Girls’ Themed Costumes. There are various designs available. Some of the ones spotted were: -

Tasty Brand Spooky Organic Fruit Snacks

UPDATE 10/31/13: Spotted a price reduction for the Tasty Brand Spooky Organic Fruit Snacks. Price is now $3.97. May not be available in all stores. Get into the Halloween candy

Gummy Treats

Spotted Gummy Treats, a new bulk Halloween candy in the store. I don’t think this was available in previous years? There are 6 different gummies in the bag: -

Great America Halloween Haunt Admission Ticket

For those that love a good scare (not me!), Great America will soon start its Halloween Haunt “edition”! The Halloween Haunt will run from September 27, 2013 to October

Kirkland Signature Mini Favorites Chocolate Variety

The Kirkland Signature Mini Favorites Chocolate Variety is the third big bag of Halloween candy generally available at Costco. This bag contains miniature Snickers, Milky Way, Butterfinger, Baby Ruth,