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Starbucks Cookie Straws

Starbucks Cookie Straws are wafers lined with chocolate. Enough said, right? Each straw is a toasted rolled wafer lined with a layer or rich, dark chocolate. Best to not

Christopher Ranch Peeled Garlic

Even though we live in the Bay Area and Gilroy is known as the Garlic Capital of the World, it’s actually not that easy to find Gilroy Garlic in

Snapdragon Vietnamese Pho

Spotted the Snapdragon Vietnamese Pho at Costco. There are so many great Pho restaurants in the bay area that we’ve never had the need to try these instant pho

Poke Salad Bowl

If you work near a Costco, you could pop by and grab this Poke Salad Bowl for lunch. I’m not sure if this is an item available only in the Bay

Popcornopolis Organic Popcorn

We bought a box of the Popcornopolis Organic Popcorn when Costco offered it in the stores last year and we loved it. We’re happy to see it back in

Amazing Grass Green Superfood Detox and Digest

Amazing Grass Green Superfood Detox and Digest combines alkalizing greens with over 24 cleansing ingredients to help with the daily elimination of toxins and provide soothing digestive support. It’s

Kirkland Signature Seasoned Standing Rib Roast and Rack of Pork (2016)

The Kirkland Signature Seasoned Standing Rib Roast and Rack of Pork is available for your holiday dinner. The prep work is all done so all you have to do is

Cocola Tiramisu Buche De Noel

Spotted the Cocola Tiramisu Buche De Noel at Costco. This is a good dessert option for a smaller household. It looks like this version is an espresso sponge cake

Organic Toasted Coconut Clusters

If you love coconut-related snacks, you’ll probably love this Organic Toasted Coconut Clusters. This one’s made with gently toasted shaved coconut, mixed with chia, sunflower and pumpkin seeds. I’m

Mrs Prindables Caramel Pretzel Rods

Spotted the delicious-looking Mrs Prindables Caramel Pretzel Rods at Costco recently. Each box contains 24 chocolate-dipped caramel pretzel rods with 3 varieties: – classic caramel dipped in dark chocolate with