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Blount Organic Savory Harvest Bisque

Squash season is here and we’re starting to see items made with it in Costco including the Rana Organic Butternut Squash Ravioli and this Blount Organic Savory Harvest Bisque.

Starbucks Hot Cocoa

Spotted the Starbucks Hot Cocoa in the store. It’s made with ethically sourced cocoa and all you need to do is add hot milk and stir. There’s also a

Kirkland Signature Parmigiano Reggiano Stravecchio

Each wedge of the Kirkland Signature Parmigiano Reggiano Stravecchio is carved from a wheel that’s been aged for 36 months. It has the Protected Designation of Origin seal which

C-Weed Korean Seaweed Flakes

Spotted the C-Weed Korean Seaweed Flakes at Costco this week. Seaweed flakes can be used to make rice balls or as a topping for rice bowls, fried rice, and

ChaoKoh Coconut Milk

Spotted ChaoKoh Coconut Milk at Costco recently. ChaoKoh is actually the brand of coconut milk we always buy when we want to make curry. You can also use it

Kirkland Signature Cheese Flight

Do you love cheese? The Kirkland Signature Cheese Flight is a great way to try a few different types and they can be paired with a glass of wine

A-Sha Tainan Style Noodle

We came across the A-Sha Tainan Style Noodles at Costco and it caught our eye since it claims to be Taiwan’s best sellingĀ  ramen. The company has been making

Annie Chun’s Organic Seaweed Crisps

If you love seaweed and are looking a new snack, do check out the Annie Chun’s Organic Seaweed Crisps. These crisps are made of brown rice and and have

Madi Gran Panettone

Holiday items have started to fill Costco stores and it seems early but the Madi Gran Panettone has made its appearance in the store. This panettone is made using

Kirkland Signature Organic Plain Soy Non-Diary Beverage

The Kirkland Signature Organic Plain Soy Non-Diary Beverage does not have to be refrigerated until after opening. It’s great if you have limited fridge space. Once opened, it is