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Hardy Fall Mums 2014

Hardy Fall Mums for 2014 are here! Spotted a dark pink/red color as well as a yellow option. They’ve just started blooming and will be gorgeous when all the

Stargazer Lilies

Costco smelled so much sweeter this weekend with these┬áStargazer Lilies in the store ­čÖé The lilies are just gorgeous and would make a beautiful gift to a friend, family

Sango Kaku Japanese Maple

Sango Kaku Japanese Maple was spotted in the store this weekend. Sango Kaku is quite unique as its trunk and branches turn red in the winter. In the spring

Citrus Trees Assorted Varieties

Assorted varieties of citrus trees have arrived at Costco. Every year, we’re tempted to try planting another variety. This year, we’ve spotted the following: Lisbon Lemon Flame Grapefruit Persian

3-Pack Assorted Plants

Costco often has these 3-Pack Assorted Plants in the store during spring. The selection varies and these beautiful Pericallis Senetti plants were spotted this past week. They’ve beautiful daisy-like

Camellia Debutante

Time to start thinking about spring flowers! Spotted the Camellia Debutante bush which has light pink peony type flowers in the store this past weekend. This is an evergreen

Pachira Braid Money Tree

Believed to bring good luck and fortune, the Pachira Braid Money Tree is another popular plant for Chinese New Year. It appears to be quite popular in Costco as

Kumquat Tree

Kumquat Trees were spotted in the store. Costco probably brought these in for Chinese New Year which falls on January 31st, 2014. Supposedly, Kumquat trees symbolize good luck in

Mums or Chrysanthemum

Mums or Chrysanthemums were spotted in the store as well along with the Kumquat trees. Chrysanthemums are part of the Chinese New Year celebrations as well. I think they


Christmas wouldn’t be the same without Poinsettias so pick one up the next time you’re at Costco. This year, you can purchase a 1.72 gallon pot of Poinsettias for