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Ultimate Cleaning BBQ Tool

This barbeque season, ditch the wire brush and try an all natural BBQ cleaning tool with the Ultimate Cleaning BBQ Tool. It is made of solid hard wood and

Maui 5-in-1 Summer Fun Pack

Summer’s almost here! Keep kids occupied outdoors with the Maui 5-in-1 Summer Fun Pack. The set includes: – 2 Wave Hoops – 2 Wave Dazzler jump ropes – 1

Backyard Bee Hive Starter Kit

Establish a hive and harvest your own honey with the Backyard Bee Hive Starter Kit. Of course, before establishing a hive, you’ll have to check and understand any beekeeping

Metal Flower Stake

Add a few decorative flowers to your yard with these Metal Flower Stakes. Each box contain one flower and there are at least 2 designs available, one of a

Liberty Tire Rubber Mulch

Eliminate the need for annual mulching, thus saving time and money, with the Liberty Tire Rubber Mulch. It can be used everywhere and will help prevent weeds. It also

Outdoor LED Star Light

Hang the Outdoor LED Star Light in your backyard and enjoy starry nights even on cloudy days! Each box contain one multi-point metal star with an antiqued weather resistant

Feit Electric 48-Ft LED String Lights

There’s a new version of the Feit Electric 48-Ft String Lights, this time with LED bulbs. In addition, the color of the bulbs can be changed from vintage white

Colored Glass Garden Jars

Get pretty ambient lighting with these Colored Glass Garden Jars. There are 3 in a set with one each of a different color – silver, gold and rose gold.

3-Piece Turtle Set

This 3-Piece Turtle Set can be a cute addition to any yard. The set includes one mama/papa turtle and 2 baby turtles. They’re made from durable resin which is

Reynera Industrial Indoor Outdoor Broom Set

Sweep up the debris indoors and outdoors with Reynera Industrial Indoor Outdoor Broom Set. This is a 3-pack that includes a 12″ indoor angled broom, a 15″ indoor and